My debut full-length poetry collection, Opera on TV,  is available for purchase from the Operating System Press!

Here is the cover (and some lovely things some very smart people have said about it):


If you read it and like it, please share the good news with the Internet by posting a positive review on Amazon. (If you don’t like it, well, maybe we can talk about that in private?)

My poetry chapbook, The Future Is a Faint Song (co-authored with Russell Evatt), won the 2012 Dream Horse Press Chapbook Competition. My full-length poetry manuscript, Reclaimed, has been a finalist for the Omnidawn 1st/2nd Poetry Book Award, the Benjamin Saltman Award from Red Hen Press, the Tupelo Press Berkshire Prize, the Colorado Prize for Poetry, and the Levis and Intro Prizes from Four Way Books. It has also been a semifinalist for the Walt Whitman Award, the Alice James Books Beatrice Hawley Award, and the Crab Orchard Open Poetry Competition. My poems and experimental writing appear in Denver Quarterly, Mid-American Review, Cincinnati Review, The Journal, specs, Diagram, and other journals. Read some samples below:

"Sentences on Didactic Art" (SPECS journal of arts and culture)

"Q & A with the Artist" (SPECS journal of arts and culture)

"You Are a Flash in this Young Night" (Tupelo Quarterly)

"Experience" (OmniVerse)

"What Art Is Left" (DIAGRAM)

"Tall Grass Waving" (The Journal)

"Returning" & "Speaking" (The 2River View)

Publications List

Full-Length Poetry Collection

Opera on TV (The Operating System Press, 2019)

Poetry Chapbook

The Future Is a Faint Song (with co-author Russell Evatt). Dream Horse Press, 2014.

A collaborative experimental poetry project and winner of the Dream Horse Press National Chapbook Competition.

Poems in Journals

“Transplant.” Mayday Magazine (2018).

“After the Words,” “Ontology,” “Social Antagonisms.” Ghost Proposal (2016).

“Iowa.” Quiddity International Literary Journal & Public Radio Program (2016): 9.

“Chase.” The Cincinnati Review

(2016): 13.1. “Mountains Mirror Mountains.” Verse Daily. 17 May 2015.

“Sentences on Didactic Art,” “Q & A with the Artist.” specs journal of arts and culture (2014): 6.

“You Are a Flash in This Young Night.” Tupelo Quarterly (2013): 1.

“The Empire’s Longevity,” “The Order of Things.” Denver Quarterly (2013): 48.1.

“Tall Grass Waving.” The Journal (2012): 36.2.

“What art is left.” DIAGRAM (2011): 11.6.

“The Mute Swan.” The Cincinnati Review (2011): 8.1.

“My Life as Roland Barthes: compétence/expertise.” Mid-American Review (2010): 30.1/2. 

“Rise,” “This Light.” The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review (2010): 36.

“Poem Beginning with a Line from Lorca,” “My Life as Roland Barthes: nuit/night,” “My Life as Roland Barthes: classe/class.” Harpur Palate (2010): 9.1. 

“Winter,” “In Jackson, Michigan.” roger: an art & literary magazine (2010): 5.

“My Life as Roland Barthes: aide/help,” “My Life as Roland Barthes: déception/disappointment.” Hotel Amerika     (2010): 8.1.

“Reclaimed Land, Saltlick Township Road.” Passages North (2010): 31.1.

“Direction,” “A loon calls out, another answers,” “Optimism.” Salamander (2009): 15.1. 

“On the Pandemic.” Poet Lore (2009): 104.3/4.

“On Love.” CutBank (2009): 71.

“Returning,” “Speaking.” The 2River View (2009):13.4.

“Bus Stop at Severance’s Store, Corner of East Main & Shipman.” Babel Fruit (2009): 4.1.